Criminal and Traffic

Traffic and Moving Violations (Regular Drivers, and CLASS C)

Been pulled over recently? Don't accept points on your license, or even worse, revocation! Let us go to court for you, and fight to have your violation proven. We have eliminated thousands of points off of violations- Don't be the person who neglected calling an attorney, it can cost you dearly in the form of higher insurance premiums. 


DUI and Intoxication Offenses

Have you been charged with a DUI? Or are you looking for advice on how to avoid DUIs you don't deserve? Call us today. Conviction for a DUI is more complicated than it seems; a good lawyer makes a great difference, and can potentially erase your conviction, or significantly lower it. Call us immediately for a consultation if you have been charged. 


Misdemeanors and Other Criminal Offenses

Have you been charged with a misdemeanor? Call us before you go to court. Going alone can be one of the worst mistakes you make. Call us and let us explain to you what difference an attorney can make.