Being sued for divorce? Looking to sue for divorce? Don't wait around. A competent divorce attorney can help you get out of a bad situation, with the division of property you are entitled to. Abro Law has handled a number of divorce cases, and is waiting to make yours as smooth as possible. 


Debts, Landlord-Tenant (We are FDCPA Compliant!)

Does someone owe you money? Don't chase them yourself - Let us handle it. We specialize in collecting on various forms of debt: Contract debts, unpaid bills, customer credits, NSF checks, you name it. Collecting from someone can be a headache. That is what we are for. 

Likewise, we have handled hundreds of Landlord-Tenant matters, related to unpaid rents, lease negotiations, deposits, etcetera. Call us today for a free consultation. Chances are we can help you. 


Other Business

Wills, Trusts, Estates

When it comes to estate planning, earlier is always better. Whether you need to draft your first will, or put assets into a trust to secure the futures of your heirs, we are here to help you with what can be a daunting process. Call us today, and lets work together to figure out what is best for your situation. 


Need help for yourself or your family members regarding citizenship? Abro Law has assisted many people like you. Abro Law has a track record of helping the Chaldean Community in Michigan with their immigration issues. Don't settle for an attorney who hasn't achieved results for their client - Let Abro Law deliver your immigration solutions.